Another longest tunnel to be constructed in the Alps

Development company Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin (TELT) together with AECOM started the implementation of the new tunnel project as a part of the rail connection between Lyon and Turin. The cost of the construction is 220 million euros. The designed length will be 57.5 km. In 2016 the Gotthard Base Tunnel was built with a total length of 57.1 km.



The TBM Federica has built the first 9 km of the tunnel. The vent shafts were constructed. The total length of the rail connection will be 270 km, with 70% of it being on the French side and 30% on Italian land.

According to the project, the end stations Saint-Jean de Maurienne (France) and Susa (Italy) will become a large hub. The railroad near the border is a part of important trans-European link TEN-T T, connecting 7 major transport links of EU.

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