The Privacy Policy

1. General regulations

1.1. The Privacy Policy on collecting personal or professional data (Policy) protects the rights and freedoms of all individuals providing their data to OOO Podzemny Ekspert (Underground Expert Ltd) (Operator).

1.2. The Policy was developed in accordance with the Federal Law of 27 July 2006, No. 152 -FZ On Personal Data, II, 1.

1.3. This Policy discloses the Operator’s privacy practices as required by the Federal Law No 152-FZ, I, 14 and is a public document.

1.4. The Policy states:

  • The purposes to collect data;
  • Reason for processing the personal data;
  • Personal data subjects;
  • The time period of personal data storage;
  • Transferring personal data to the third parties;
  • Data on the processing and security measures to protect personal data;
  • Personal data subjects rights.

1.5. The Operator is registered at the following address: 16H Fuchika St. 4, St. Petersburg, 192102, Russia.

1.6. Olga Korotkova is charged with organization of the personal data processing (tel. +7(812)3250565, e-mail:

2. Terms and definitions

2.1. The personal data – any information related to one defined individual (personal data subject).

2.2. The operator – government agency, a regional body, legal body or individual, by themselves or together with others organizing and (or) processing personal data, and also defining the objects of the procedure, the content of the data for processing and operations performed to the data.

2.3. The personal data proceeding – any operation or aggregate of actions, performed with the use of automation equipment, including collecting, saving, recording, classification, updating, changing, use, extraction, transfer, blocking, deleting, depersonalization, destruction of the personal data.

2.4. Gathering the personal data – actions, leading to the discloser of the personal data to the particular person or specific group of people.

2.5. Destruction of the personal data – actions, resulting in inability of recreating the content of personal data in a database and (or) resulting in destruction of the media used for its storage.

2.6. Blocking the personal data – temporary suspension of the data processing (excluding the cases, when it is needed for verification).

3. The purposes of the processing of the personal data

3.1. The Operator implements the processing of the personal data for the following reasons:

3.1.1. fulfillment of the agreement, with the subject being one of the parties;

3.1.2. establishment of the reverse communication for processing request from individuals to provide them informational and consulting services, advertising services, including announcements and inquires;

3.1.3. promotion of the informational services of the Operator by direct contact with the subject of the personal data through means of communication;

3.1.4. human resources work and organization of  recoding of the Operator’s employees;

3.1.5. acquisition and selection of candidates of the Operator;

3.1.6. identification of the Operator’s website visitors;

3.1.7. information about the company and its services for the website visitors;

3.1.8. for the purposes stated in the international agreement to which the Russian Federation is a party or Law, for the implementation of the functions, powers and responsibilities required from the Operator by the Russian legislation.

4. The reasons for the processing of the personal data

4.1 The legal basis for the processing of the personal data is:

4.1.1. the laws of the Russian Federation regulating personal data processing based on the Constitution of the Russian Federation and international agreements and consisting of the Federal Law of 27 July 2006, No. 152 -FZ On Personal Data, II, 1, and others related Federal Laws;

4.1.2. the user agrees to the terms and condition while filling the form at the website of the Operator.

5. Groups of personal data subjects

5.1. The groups of subjects, whose personal data are to be processed, comprise:

5.1.1. individuals, subjects to the employment relationship and civil-law relationships with the Operator;

5.1.2. individuals, subjects to the employment relationship and civil-law relationships with the Operator contractors;

5.1.3. personal data subjects, who use the contact form at

5.2. Data on all the groups of subjects are processed by the Operator in the framework of the legal arrangement with the Operator, acting under Russian legislation.

5.3. Data on all the groups of subjects are processed by the Operator with the agreement of the subject, provided in writing, or without in cases outlined in legislation.

5.4. The following data are the subject for the processing by the Operator:

The Operator collects information such as used  browser and device, the IP address, the location, the site user came from, what user did and didn’t use Operator’s site/app for, or the site user visits when leaves the Operator’s website.

See also the Cookies Policy for more information.

When the user makes a post to social media platforms from this website, the social media site will provide the Operator with some information about the user.

The Operator also collects geodemographic data.

The Operator collects the e-mail addresses for the purpose of providing the user with the digest newsletter service if the user chooses to subscribe to its newsletter.

6. Keeping the data

The Operator only keeps the personal data information for as long as required to provide the user with the services requested as well as for the purposes outlined in this policy and for any legal purposes for which the Operator is obliged to keep the information. The operator will securely delete the user’s information when it is no longer required for these purposes, in line with the company policies.

7. Third parties

The Operator does not share user’s data with the third parties except the automatic search systems counters, as the Operator uses web analytics services provided by GOOGLE and YANDEX.

Also, the Operator may share the user’s data on request of the Governmental services according to the Russian legislation.

8. The personal data use

The Operator conducts market research and analysis which helps improve and customise the content and services, to make sure the information the Operator provides is relevant to the user.  The Operator uses it to send the customer service emails.

See also our consent to the processing of personal data for more information.

9. Security measures

9.1. The Operator appoints a staff member responsible for the data processing as required by the Federal Law.

9.2. The Operator takes safety measures to secure the safety of the collected data:

9.2.1the Operator provides the Policy;

9.2.2 the Operator’s staff members may access the data only for the professional use in the interest of the users;

9.2.3 the Operator controls the safety of the data according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

10. Rights

Users may request their data to be specified or destroyed by addressing the representative of the Operator via e-mail listed in the newsletter or on the website.

11. The final provisions

11.1. Using the Operator’s website (reading, scrolling, uploading and downloading information) and providing user’s personal data, the user agrees to this policy and their personal data processing.

11.2. The Operator may change this policy by publishing new edition at and announcing it by publishing the news on the website and via newsletter.