Madrid metro tested a new technology of communication systems

The Madrid Metro, together with the Polytechnic University, tested the millimeter wave radio system.

Метро Мадрида

Metro Madrid. Author: Photo by Eduardo Rodriguez/Unsplash

It is designed to support data transfer between trains and between train and dispatcher. The supplier of the equipment was the Israeli company Radwin. Tests have shown that TerraBridge mmWave radio technology is able to provide reliable communication between trains in various scenarios, providing low latency and no data loss.

The Polytechnic Institute of Madrid (UPM) has tested the TerraBridge system on two small trains of the Madrid Metro: the older CAF 2000 series train and the newer CAF 3000. The main objective was to assess the suitability of mmWave technology for the safety of trains and other high-capacity transport systems.

The test showed that TerraBridge is able to maintain a bandwidth of 1 Gbps at a maximum tested distance of 266 meters with a delay of less than 1 ms and without noticeable data loss. Video streaming tests showed similar performance even when transferring large data packets.

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