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Underground structures’ design and construction

Vladimir Markov: nothing being done for underground construction and design in St. Petersburg

Underground Expert discusses underground space development in the second largest Russian city and its future with Vladimir Markov, deputy director of the local Design Institute ОАО NIPII Lenmetrogiprotrans…

Would the metro be in St. Petersburg?

UndergroundExpert discusses the current situation with metro construction in St. Petersburg with OAO NIPII Lenmetrogiprotrans’ deputy director for metro design Vladimir Markov…

New urban trend: underground cycle parking

While Russia cities struggle to make the cycle traffic safe and organize it into the regular vehicles traffic, European cities encountered a new level of challenges regarding this matter. The popularity of the cycles due to the ecological reasons and the reasons for wellness caused the serious lack of suitable parking lots…

Fast metro construction’s obstructions

What does obstruct the development of the urban metro system and why the construction period of the new lines and stations get rescheduled constantly? This question is relevant for specialists and for citizens as well. The later still hold hope for the metro stations within walking distance of their homes…

Modern concepts of architecture for St Petersburg

Interview with Vladimir K. Linov, honored architect of Russia, professor of the International Academy of Architecture (Moscow Branch), associate professor of the St Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil engineering, school of architecture…

The deepest underground structures

The importance of the underground construction for the modern urban development is evident. The development of the future cities goes in both direction, to the sky and down below the surface…

Interactive metro map

Learn about built and projected stations in St. Petersburg' subway

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Underground construction sets the framework for the modern urban planning. The integrated underground space use is a contemporary and progressive approach to the urban space planning. Numerous modern urban challenges call for increasing popularity of the underground construction around the globe.

Utility lines, transportation hubs and parking are relocated underground. Warehouses, archives, trade centers and recreation areas are often are constructed underground as well to free the surface for more green landscapes and opened public places, creating more comfortable living conditions. St Petersburg – Interactive map. Get more information on new stations of St Petersburg metro currently under construction and the future designs.