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Metropolitana di Roma – The Rome Metro Map

he public transport system of the capital of modern Italy is quite extended, allowing the numerous tourists easily to reach the Eternal City from the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport – Rome Fiumicino Airport. The Metropolitana di Rome – the metro system of the city is in the base of it…

The Montreal Metro Map

The public transport of Montreal has existed for more than 150 years. The first trams started operating in 1861 and stopped in 1959. In 1919, the first buses appeared on the streets. In 1966, the metro was commissioned for operation…

Станция метро «Юго-Западная»

St Petersburg metro – station Yugo-Zapadnaya

Yugo-Zapadnaya is a station of the new Krasnosel’sko-Kalininskaya line, which is currently under construction in Saint Petersburg…

Театральная площадь, Мариинский театр в Санкт-Петербурге

Teatralnaya – phantom metro station in Saint Petersburg

Teatralnaya is the metro station of the Saint Petersburg metro system, which is currently under construction. Its underground hall will be situated…

Novokrestovskaya station

2018 Soccer World Cup – Novokrestovskaya station

Novokrestovskaya station is an intermediate station on the Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya line of St. Petersburg’s subway between Primorskaya and Begovaya stations…

Метро Тбилиси

Tbilisi metro — the first in the Caucasus and the forth in the USSR

The Tbilisi’s metro was the 4th in series of metro systems to be put in operation in the USSR after Moscow’s, Leningrad’s and Kiev’s…

Станция Гагаринская в Новосибирске

The metro of Novosibirsk and its longest metro bridge

Novosibirsk is the third city in Russia by population and at the scale of the total area it is ranked as the 13th. It was founded in 1893 as “the capital of Siberia…

Метро Алматы

Almaty – the youngest metro system in the CIS countries

The metro system of Almaty, the capital of Kazakhstan, put in operation in December, 2011, was the first in the country and the second in Central Asia after the one in Tashkent and the 16th in the former USSR…

Метро Мичуринский проспект

The metro station Michurinsky prospect in Moscow

For the first time the metro station Michurinsky prospect appeared in the plan of the Moscow metro system development in 1965 with the first project of the Solntsevsky radius. The station initially was planned as an interchange station for the second ring line, which is now the Third Interchange Contour.