JSC "VO "Mashinoimport" supplied escalators for the Novosibirsk metro

In May 2021, we reported on the implementation of the contract for the supply and supervision of 12 escalators for the Sportivnaya station of the Novosibirsk Metro.

Novosibirsk metro

Metro car in Novosibirsk

The station is being built for the Youth World Hockey Championship, the sports competitions of which will be held in 2023 at the Ice Arena under construction nearby. It is assumed that the new station will have a capacity of up to 14 thousand passengers per day.

Escalators in the amount of 12 pieces were delivered and mounted at the station in full accordance with the schedule, and the other day the first test launch of one of the escalators took place.

This contract is executed by the Moscow company JSC VO Mashinoimport, which has proven itself in the supply of equipment for the metros of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

“It is necessary to launch all escalators as quickly as possible, since the equipment must be run-in, work a certain number of hours. Only after that it will be put into operation by Rostekhnadzor, “said Sergey Arapov, general director of the contractor company.

The facility is scheduled to be fully operational by September 2022. The mayor of Novosibirsk, Anatoly Lokot, said that he would like to see the result by the City Day in June 2022.

The design of the escalators chosen for the Sportivnaya station has proven itself well among metro workers. These escalators are fully adapted to the strict requirements imposed by the Russian supervisory authorities and are already successfully operated in the Moscow Metro, which is characterized by maximum intensity and loads.

Novosibirsk metro

Model of the station “Sportivnaya”


The Novosibirsk metro is so far the only one in Russia located beyond the Urals. It received its first passengers in 1985. Despite its relative youth, the Novosibirsk Metro ranks third among Russian metros in terms of traffic volume, second only to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The rolling stock consists of 25 trains (100 cars), 32 escalators are in operation.

The sportivnaya station, for which escalators are intended according to the contract with Mashinoimport JSC, will be the first to be commissioned after a long break since 2011.

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