Consent to the processing of personal data

Acting freely and willingly for their own benefit, the subject of the personal data processing (User), with a full capacity, agrees that OOO Podzemny Ekspert (Underground Expert Ltd), registered at office 16-H, 4-K, Fuchika street, St Petersburg, Russia, 192102 (Operator) may process their personal data via automated and non-automated ways on the following conditions:

1. The User agrees to process personal data except biometrical or specific, by the services including Google analytics, Yandex metrics, LiveInternet, metrics, Google Doubleclick in accordance:

  • the website the User visited before visiting and their search or advertising clickthrough;
  • the information about the used device (version, technical characteristics, etc.);
  • the User’s clicks, pages visited, filled forms and watched videos and banners;
  • the audience parameters;
  • the session parameters;
  • time of visit;
  • cookie ID.

2. The purposes of the data proceedings, taken actions and the period of the time required for the storage are published on The Privacy Policy page of this website which the User agrees to accept if they continue using the website.

3. This agreement becomes effective when the User opens the Operator’s website and acts during the period provided by the Law.