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Russian Tunnels are designed in St Petersburg

Underground Expert interviewed deputy director for the tunnel’s design of the design institute Lenmetrogiprotrans Andrey Nikolaevich Soloviev about the future of the recent notorious projects and the present of the tunnel construction in Russia….

Строитеьство тоннеля БАМа

The Baikal tunnel — new opportunities for the Baikal-Amur mainline (BAM)

The construction of the road tunnels and rail tunnels is a matter of necessity in the countries like Italy and Switzerland. While in the vast lands of Russia, largely lowlands, the challenge is not so persistent…

Вечная мерзлота в России

Construction in permafrost: experience and innovation

Looking at the map of the Krasnoyarsk area, one can notice that our northern land is endless and … empty. In Evenkiya and at Taimyr the occupancy rate is only 0.03-0.06 people for square kilometer. Nevertheless, this severe land, the extremely Northern one…

Александров Николай

Metro construction is our main activity, as it was and as it will be

The general director of Metrostroy company in Saint Petersburg, which has been making almost all the underground metro construction works throughout the history of local metro system…