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подземный велопаркинг

New urban trend: underground cycle parking

While Russia cities struggle to make the cycle traffic safe and organize it into the regular vehicles traffic, European cities encountered a new level of challenges regarding this matter. The popularity of the cycles due to the ecological reasons and the reasons for wellness caused the serious lack of suitable parking lots…

Deep Pit Hotel

The deepest underground structures

The importance of the underground construction for the modern urban development is evident. The development of the future cities goes in both direction, to the sky and down below the surface…


The deepest mines in the worlds

The Burj Khalifa in UAE is the tallest building in the world, it is 828 metres high. But if you place it on the bottom of the TauTona mine in South Africa, then you can successfully put 5 more buildings like this on top of it one by one…

Архитектурная концепция подземного кладбища

Reviving Burial in Tunnels

In recent years, population growth, the rising cost of land and the extensive preservation of green areas have made cemeteries a burden and a nuisance, particularly for large cities and communities…

Аватоматическое метро в мире

Automatic trains in metro — what is it? Where?

Automated metro systems have proved to be an effective urban decision worldwide. According to the data from July 2016, 55 completely automated metro lines exist in 37 cities of the world. The total length of these lines is 803 km – it is 14.2% longer, than in 2014…

Бетонирование свай - строительство Лахта центра

Piles in the base of Lakhta Center in St Petersburg

The geological study indicated the weak stratified soils 15-20 meters below the construction site of the Lakhta Center – the business area with the 462 meters skyscraper in St Petersburg…

Metro designs of the Russian Empire in the XIX-XX centuries

In 2015, the metro system of St Petersburg celebrated its 60th anniversary. The first ideas about metro construction appeared here when it had been the capital of the Russian Empire, in the XIX century. But the first line started operating in 1955, in the USSR…

Александровский дворец

Design and arrangement works for the Alexander Palace

Alexander Palace is a part of the great architectural ensemble of Tsarskoe Selo in Saint Petersburg, which is under UNESCO protection and is part of Russian cultural heritage as well as the World’s heritage…


Saint Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier

Construction of the main elements of the Flood Protection Barrierstarted in 1981, but the project was fully implemented only in 2010…