Ruslan Baisarov is increasing the capacity of the BAM

The SK Most group of companies, more than half of which is owned by Ruslan Baisarov, is completing the construction of the second line of the Baikal tunnel, which will almost double the capacity of the Lena–Severobaikalsk BAM section. The volume of investments in this strategic project is estimated at 35 billion rubles.

Ruslan Baisarov SK MOST

Construction of the Second Line of the Baikal Tunnel

An Additional Boost from Baisarov

The first single-track tunnel at the junction of the Buryat and Irkutsk regions was built in the mid-1980s, and it can no longer cope with current levels of traffic; only 15 pairs of trains can pass through it. Due to steep ascents and numerous turns, freight trains cannot move independently; they have to be pushed by special locomotives.

The new tunnel was built on a much more level slope, which will drastically reduce operating costs, but, most importantly, the tunnel is equipped with a double rail gauge, so annual freight will increase from the current 13.2 million t to 32.4 million t. At a length of about 6.7 km, it is one of the largest manmade structures in the Russian Federation.

The second Baikal tunnel is being laid by Baisarov’s SK Most. Baisarov is one of Russia’s richest businessmen, with a fortune of $900 million in 2018 according to Forbes. He has been the controlling shareholder at SK Most since 2016, and he also heads the board of directors. After the increase in Baisarov’s stake in Most, work on the strategic BAM project received an additional boost. Deadlines for construction have already been announced: trains will start running on the new line this fall.

Ruslan Baisarov: Construction of the Second Line of the Baikal Tunnel

Construction of the Second Line of the Baikal Tunnel

Big Event

Vladimir Putin called the construction of the Baikal tunnel “a big event.” The president congratulated miners with “great, very important, complex and very necessary work done with excellent results and incredible accuracy,” noting that the modernization of the BAM and Trans-Siberian is “the fastest payback project in the development of the entire transport system.” The Russian president noted that the Baikal Tunnel is being built by equipment used primarily for the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi.

According to experts, he is talking about the LOVAT RM 394DS tunnel-boring complex, which can break through the extremely strong Baikal cliffs. The LOVAT RM 394DS is unique in that its powerful rotor pulverizes the rock and the mass of ground is immediately released onto the surface, followed by highly precisely setting the tunnel with reinforced concrete blocks. It dug up to 12 m per day. According to Director General of JSC STROY-TREST (part of the SK Most group of companies) Mikhail Gutnikov, the ground there is idiosyncratic due to its heterogeneity and viscosity, so “the digging process is difficult and it takes more time to plan the dig; the cutting tool is constantly worn down on the abrasive rock.” SK Most will employ more than 400 people and over 100 units of mining equipment and road-construction machines to build the tunnel.

Baisarov Considers Elegest–Kyzyl–Kuragino an Important Link

The rich experience of Baisarov’s SK Most will come in handy during the reconstruction of the old Baikal tunnel. In addition, his company JSC TEPK is participating in a large investment project for the development of the Elegest coal deposit in Tyva.

“This project will largely depend on the construction of the Elegest–Kyzyl–Kuragino railway line, which is the main infrastructure link in the production and logistics system for the integrated development of the Elegest coal deposit,” said Mr. Baisarov, noting that infrastructure restrictions are usually a key problem in the development of coal deposits, as well as in eastern Siberian as a whole.

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Aria Hellene
One of the biggest investments and ventures lately in the Baikal's region. I'm excited to see it done!
William Jones
Looks like Baisarov is doing some heavy work. I think it is in need of an increased capacity of the BAM since the first single-track tunnel can no longer cope with current level of traffic. lets just hope the construction of second Baikal tunnel starts soon.
Data Work
Really it's a big event which is very complex. It will be amazing once it gets completed. nice information.
Sharmin Nahar
This was really great news. Glad to know about the increment of their capacity. Read the detailed article. Learned so many new facts from it. Thanks a lot for sharing the article.
Shotokan Tiger
Wow, this is the largest man-made project in Russia. Thanks to Mr Baisarov that this is possible.
Ruslan Baisarov is doing a good job finishing the Baikal tunnel.
New Beat King
Nice Article, informative information here!
Shotokan Tiger
Well done SK Most group of companies and Ruslan Baisarov. This is a mega project which will make Russia proud.
Deliza Marone
It seems like this construction on the Baikal tunnel will be a huge one. I just hope that Baisarov can pull this off properly.
Joshua Thornton
very impressive, look forward to see just how much impact it has
New Beat King
Big investment for a huge project that will hopefully pay back on the investment 10 fold! and help regulate the high level of traffic situation.
John W
a great piece of engineering!!
Max Harrell
It's good to see such in depth examination into this event! thank you for this information.
Shotokan Tiger
This is a mega project and Mr Ruslan is involved in it. This will prove to be a profitable business venture.
Deliza Marone
Increasing capacity of the BAM would be a good decision to make at this moment to cope with current level of traffic. Baisarov is putting everything on line and making the tunnel functional at all cost.
Deliza Marone
I wouldn't surprise if he can actually complete something like that because Ruslan Baisarov have done many task like this before. By completing this construction it is safe to assume that it will increase the capacity of Lena–Severobaikalsk BAM section.
Thomas Anderson
I'm just surprised to see that even Vladimir Putin put his concern for this tunnel project. Of course Ruslan Baisarov is doing everything to make this tunnel work effectively as it did before.
Iyeme Salubi
35 billion rubles well invested. Very impressive, great leaders. Can't wait to see the end result.
Happy SuperHero
Very impressive! Huge congratulations to mr. Ruslan Baisarov and to everyone involved in the project.
jerome isblack
Love all the great investment in Infrastructure in Russia.
trevor dancer
Amazing work on this gargantuan project. When complete this rail network will help secure more investment in Russia.
kyle k
A great feat of engineering. Brilliant.
kyle k
Great investment, Great engineering.
Charlotte Norton
Impressive construction going on there in Baikal. It would be good to follow up and see what happens there.
Michal Orkisz
Ruslan Baisarov is doing a lot of good work
Michal Orkisz
Great investment. Mister Baisarov is doing great job
Michal Orkisz 7 дней назад
Great investment,
Mihai Florin 6 дней назад
a project that can help many people, good job guys!
Dan Dn 4 дня назад
What a great job, can't wait for this to get completed.
djaceman123 . 2 дня назад
This seems like a monumental job and a huge investment by Baisarov, but it will be great when it gets done. Thank you for the article!
Keith Adamson Сегодня, в 16:34
35 billion is an impressive investment!!