Argentina to construct RER through public-private partnership

The construction of the RER system for the Buenos Aires metro will be implemented through the means of the public-private partnership. The local authorities are looking for investors. The RER line will connect several existing metro lines and will reduce the travelling time.

The world’s widest street – Avenue 9

The world’s widest street – Avenue 9 July Buenos Aires

Minister of Public Finances of Argentina Luis Caputo noted that this solution would help to cover the current state debts for the transport infrastructure projects. The taxes for fuel will cover the public investment into the RER project. The meeting with the Minister of Transportation and the Head of the City Administration gathered 300 construction companies.

The project will have several phases. The first one includes the construction of the 11 km long tunnel and it is planned to be completed by 2023. The route of the tunnel will cross the widest street in the world – Avenue 9 July. It will connect stations Constitucion and Retiro.

The first station has a railway station in vicinity, while the other is located near the central bus station, where many public transport routes meet. During the first phase of the construction two more underground stations will appear.

The design projects for Obelisco station near the monument the 400 anniversary of the city foundation

The design projects for Obelisco station near the monument to the 400 anniversary of the city foundation. Source:

The station Obelisco will join the metro system and the RER line. It will be divided to have different levels for different purposes. The first level will comprise the bus terminal, the second – the pedestrian passage leading to the metro lines A, B, C and D. Also the new railway station Sarmiento will be connected with the station. The third level will be the Roca line platforms, connected to lines Mitra and San Martin. The length of the platforms is 400 metres.

The next phases will bring 9 more km of tunnels, which will connect lines Sarmiento, Belgrano Sur and Belgrano Norte. The existing lines will be upgraded to improve the traffic frequency. The competition for the rolling stock supply was called in September, 2017. The supplier will deliver 1500 cars during the period of 2020-2023 and also they will maintain the trains for 10 years as well. It is planned to build 5 depots for this purpose.

Architectural sketch of the future station

Architectural sketch of the future station. Source:

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