ACUUS 2020 Helsinki conference was held on February 3-4, 2021

The international conference on the development of underground space ACUUS has been held in different cities of the world for more than 30 years, in 2020 the event was supposed to be held in Helsinki (Finland), but due to the caronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it was decided to hold the event online in 2021 year.

ACUUS2020The agenda of the ACUUS-2020 Helsinki conference outlined issues related to sustainable urban development and the development of underground space in the world. The online event was broadcast on two threads, consisting of thematic sessions on issues: urban planning, architecture, and design, development of underground infrastructure, sustainability and ecology, risk emergence, the introduction of technical methods, innovation.

Annie Sinnemaki, Deputy Mayor of Helsinki for Urban Development, addressed the participants with welcoming words. One of the keynote speakers on the first day of the conference was Finnish mobile game developer Angry Birds, brand manager of Lightneer, an investor, entrepreneur, and founder of a development company for the tunnel project between Tallinn and Helsinki FinEst Peter Vesterbacka.


In total, about 187 participants from different countries of Asia, Europe and America were registered at the online event. The rich agenda and a solid line-up of participants allow us to talk about the conference as one of the most important, authoritative events in the world in the field of underground space use. Despite the importance and complexity of the conference theme, the organizers managed to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere during the event.

Many speakers discussed the efficient use of transport systems and their operation during the pandemic (COVID-19), as well as the use and production of geothermal energy. Russian specialists made presentations: Mikhail Lebedev Research OJSC “NIPII “Lenmetrogiprotrans”, Dr Nikolai Bobylev Saint Petersburg State University, Prof Dmitry Koniukhov JSC Mosinzhproekt, Dr Aleksei Arkhipov “Geodiagnostika”, Prof Ilizar Mirsayapov Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering. Congratulations to our colleagues on the successful presentation of their reports and wish them further success!

The next ACUUS conference is scheduled to be held in a face-to-face format in 2023. The venue is Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

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