Finland and Estonia may be connected by tunnel

Discussions are taking place to build a tunnel between two countries divided by the Baltic Sea. The tunnel connecting Finland and Estonia can be 103 km long.

The Tallinn Bay

The Tallinn Bay. Author: Jaanus Jagomägi/

The Finnish company Finest Bay Area designed the project. Peter Vesterbacka, a former Rovio Mobile top manager responsible for the creation of the Angry Birds game, is behind the project as he owns the company. The idea is to shorten the time of traveling between Tallinn and Helsinki from 1.5-2 hours to 20 min. It will simplify not only tourist routes but also the common Estonian people an everyday routine, some of them get to work in Helsinki. The preliminary evaluation of the project cost returned €15 billion as a result.

The project includes the creation of the artificial island in the Gulf of Finland, where the station and real estate accommodating 50,000 people will be located. The Chinese Fund Touchstone Capital Partners agreed to invest €15 billion, efficiently covering the total cost of the construction. Forbes noted that Russian and Canadian investors also got interest, as well as their colleagues from the USA. However, the final decision has not been made yet. The government of Estonia requires detailed plans, time tables, and guarantees that the project will be implemented in full.

tunnel between Finland and Estonia

The concept of the tunnel developed by Finest Bay Area

The authors of the project are planning to complete the construction in record time, by 2024. The independent estimation conducted by some European specialists tells that the implementation of such a complicated project requires at least 15 years. If constructed, the new tunnel may become the longest railway tunnel in the world. At present, the Gotthard tunnel (2016) holds the record.

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