Underwater tunnel in Crimea

Russia is about to implement the major project in Crimea – the construction of the tunnel under the Sevastopol bay.

The South Bay in Sevastopol

The South Bay, Sevastopol

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during the discussion with the Governor of Sevastopol approved the plan of the construction of the 3 km long road tunnel under the Black Sea to connect the southern and the northern parts of the city. The feasibility study will be performed by the large Moscow-based company USK-MOST, known for the construction of the cable-stayed bridge to the Russky Island in Vladivostok.

The contract signing happened back in the end of 2017. According to the preliminary study, the cost ought to be more than 5 billion rubles. It will receive federal budget funding.


The investments are expected to return quite fast. The tunnel will allow facilitating the transportation in the city and the urban development. The route requiring 40 minutes at present will take much less time with the tunnel.

The intention of the construction was announced during the Soviet Era, but the project was never implemented. The development of the transport infrastructure is an actual question for the authorities now. The Strait of Kerch was covered by the Crimean bridge and now the underwater tunnel will be constructed.

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