Atmospheric underground hotel to be constructed in Georgia

On the Georgian businessman’s initiative, Rezid Holding GmbH general director Joseph Ordjonikidze, an underground hotel will be constructed in the historical area Javakheti.

Georgia Vardzia

Georgia, Vardzia, author: falco/pixabay

The construction site is supposed to be at one of the Vardzia’s flank where unique cave monastery complex dated back to the XII-XIII centuries is situated, therefore the project is under the long procedure of approval.  The main preliminary work has been finished already and the construction is about to start. The hotel will comprise 120 rooms. The interiors will be decorated in accordance with the traditions of Vardzia.

According to Joseph Ordjonikidze, it would be the first underground hotel in Georgia moreover in the historical site. The guests will have the experience of living in the conditions similar to those the distant generations had here, although more comfortable. The presentation of the project is scheduled for the nearest future.

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