Tunnel through the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range

The road tunnel will be constructed in Georgia at the Kvesheti-Kobi motorway, which is a part of the Georgian Military Road. The later runs through the Cross pass of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range.


The Cross Pass. Author: Makalu/pixabay.com

The total length of the tunnel will be 9 km. It will join Tzkere and Kobi villages. In the future, the road will include six bridges and five tunnels. The construction work will start in 2020, and it will be finished by 2024.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development lends credit for $60 million. Also, the Asian Development Bank and the Government of Georgia will support the project, providing $415 million and $83.6 respectively.

The pass is located between two river valleys and is 2,379 meters high. The location makes the construction process quite difficult. It will be implemented in two phases. The contractors are China Railway 23rd Bureau Group, the affiliate company of China Railway Construction Corporation, and China Railway Tunnel Group.

Once opened, the tunnel will make the road from Tbilisi to the border with Russia more safety and almost 4 times faster. This road is the only way connecting Georgia with Russia and Armenia by land.

Georgian Military Road

Georgian Military Road. Source: vestnikkavkaza.net

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