Tokyo Metropolitan buys new rolling stock

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering has completed the delivery of 8 light rail trains to the capital of Japan.


Tokyo is the largest city in the world. Source:

Silent 6-car trains with 7500 rubber tires were ordered in September 2016 to replace the 7200 series kits operating on the Yurikame line in Tokyo.

Formerly known as the Tokyo New Transit Waterfront Line, the automated 16-station metro line connects the major Simbasi and Toyosu train stations. It was opened in 1995, with passenger traffic averaging 133,000 passengers per day in 2019.

In 2010, Mitsubishi HEAVY INDUSTRIES (MHIENG) japan received an order for 18 7300 series trains to replace the 7,000-series cars that have been in operation since the line’s opening. The new rolling stock was launched in June 2016. This was followed by an order for the 7500 series – which was commissioned in November 2018. MHIENG also provides maintenance for rolling stock.

The 7500 series features an action-packed front design resembling seagull wings. There are also changes in the interior, providing, even more, convenience and comfort to passengers, including double screens above each door to provide complete information about the route.

Yurikamome line

Yurika Line is a fully automated line. Source:

The wagons are made of easily recyclable aluminum alloy and have a light, solid consistency, as well as systems to reduce vibration and bucket-shaped G-Fit seats with semi-high backs, providing convenience to passengers.

The blue LEDs on the front indicate that the train is autonomous rather than operated by the driver.

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