The metro system of Tashkent to be enlarged fourfold by 2025

The company “The railways of Uzbekistan” (Узбекистон темир йуллари) announced the ambitious plan for the Tashkent’s metro system development until 2025.

Tashkent’s metro is one of the most spectacular in the world

The plans are impressive: the length of the system will be increased to 175 km in 6 years, 45 new stations will be constructed, with 17 of them being interchange stations. The construction work will be implemented in phases:

  • 13.9 km  from Aibek station to the area Binokor;
  • 9 km from Mashinosozlar station to the district Bekhetmir;
  • 11.6 km from Dustlik station through the new airport under construction to the street Yangi shakhar;
  • 6  km from Buyuk ipak yjuli station to the Tashkent tractor plant;
  • 17.6 km from Beruni station to Almazar station.

Tashkent metro plan

Also, the circle line is planned above ground 52 km long. The cost of the construction is evaluated at $422 million.  In 2017, the Tashkent metro system proved its economic efficiency when the profit made $14.3 thousand.

The total length of the current metro system is 36 km with 10 km more being under construction. There are 29 stations operating.

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