The metro section to be renovated in Manhatten

NYC Transit announced the renovation plans for the 42 street shuttle operating in Manhatten between The Grand Central and Times Square since 1904.

Grand Central Terminal, New York

Grand Central Terminal, New York, United States. Author: Victor Rodriguez/

The construction work will begin in the late summer and will have finished by 2022. The trains will operate all the time. The shuttle runs between two stations Times Square and Grand Central except for the night, when the connection is carried by the underground lines under the 42nd. This is the shortest regular transport connection in New York City. The day ride exceeds 100,000 passengers.

The renovation will improve the capacity, accessibility, security system and will include its substations modernization. The new entrance is planned for the 42nd Street station. The Grand Central platforms will be renovated into one island platform to accommodate 6-car trains.


Author: SoFuego/Pixabay

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