Nadezhda (Hope) from St. Petersburg moved to Moscow

Two 10-meter diameter TBMs named Liliya (Lily) and Nadezhda (Hope) have started their work at the Large Circle Line of the Moscow metro system. The TBM Liliya implements the construction of the double-track tunnel from Mnyovniki station to Kuntsevskaya. The TBM Nadezhda builds the tunnel from Kuntsevskaya to Davydkovo.

Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow

Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow at the launch of the TBM. Source:

“This year the Moscow metro will reach a record construction pace. Now, we have 20 TBMs working simultaneously. They make about 3 km per month. For the first time in the history of Moscow metro, such a high construction pace is available. Two large-diameter TBMs work at the western section of the Large Circle Ring. Their diameters are 10 meters. And it is a unique situation as well,” – said Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow, according to the official website of Town-planning Policy and Construction Complex of Moscow.

The TBM “Nadezhda” was transported from St. Petersburg. It was manufactured by Herrenknecht for Metrstroy company and worked at double-track tunnels for two metro sections, including the stations constructed for the World Cup. Now, it is working from Kuntzevskaya station to Davydkovo station. This section is 1.3 km long. Then the TBM will continue construction to the next station.

The Large Circle Line project will be the largest in the history of the Moscow metro system. The total length of the line will be about 70 km. It will comprise 31 stations and will connect the Center and the suburbs.

The TBM launch at the Large Cicrle Line

The TBM launch at the Large Cicrle Line. Source:

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