Road tunnel for the capital of Morocco

At the beginning of June, the construction of the new road tunnel started in Rabat. The construction price is estimated at $4 million.

Rabat Morocco

Rabat, Morocco. Author: Asuz/Pixabay

The tunnel will reduce the traffic in the area of the famous square Bab el Had (The Iron Gate) leading to medina – the historical part of the city. It is planned to solve the transportation issues for local citizens and tourists. Also, the project includes underground parking for 500 vehicles.

The project is a part of the developing program with a total cost of $154.4 million, started in 2015 by the Societe Rabat Region Amenagements Group.

The program is designed for improving the transport situations and affordance of the local services while preserving the greenery and environment. The document serves for the development of the economy of Rabat and its transportation.

Rabat Morocco

Rabat, Morocco. Author: Larsonb/Pixabay

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