In Novosibirsk build 5 metro stations by 2030

The extension of the Leninskaya (red) line of the Novosibirsk metro by 2030 is planned in two directions at once. According to the metro development plan, by 2030 the Stations "Stanislawsky Square" and "Perm" are to be built on the left bank of Obi, and on the right - "Northern." The right-bank direction of the Lenin Line will last from the station "Saltsovskaya" in the direction of 5-6 residential neighborhoods. At the Metro station "North", which will be built at the intersection of North and Red Avenue, it is planned to create a large transport hub, uniting a single bus station, the final stop of ground public transport and intercepting parking.

Метро Новосибирска

In addition, it is planned to extend the Dzerzhinsky (green) metro line 5.4 km by 2030. Also on the line will appear its own electric depot “Volochayevskaya.”Recall that at the moment in the capital of Siberia continues the construction of the metro station “Sports” opening of which is timed to the youth world championship in hockey in 2023. The station will be located on the left bank of the Obi on the existing Lenin line.

The project may require federal funding to complete the project. Work on the design of the second distillation tunnel between the existing stations “Berezh Grove” and “Golden Niva” on the Dzerzhinsky line, on which the movement is carried out in shuttle mode, also begins. However, the work on the extension of the Dzerzhinsky line will begin to be financed only after the commissioning of the “Sports” station.

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