New routes to Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg

Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg is easily reachable only by a plane. The motor road is the only connection to Pulkovo airport and sometimes may be risky in terms of time management. This issue has been addressed several times already: there were plans to construct a metro station, aero express, light-rail. Now, the City Administration and OAO RZD (main Russian railway operating company) announce the new rail road solution.

Аэропорт Пулково

This project became publicly acknowledged on June 19, 2019. If implemented, the new transport connection will start operating in 2025. The City rejected the previous projects as too expensive. Meanwhile, some experts insist that the construction of the railroad might be 40% more expensive than evaluated, as several sections need tunnels and bridges’ construction.

Preliminary reports say the route will include the underground part from the airport to the railway station Ligovo. Still, RZD did not confirm it, saying they announce the final decision only in January.

линия РЖД до Пулково

Photo: Sasha-Yudaev/Unsplash

Previously, the Government of the city and the OAO RZD discussed the future development of the rail system at the recent St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. This year, OAO RZD declared its plans for the global rail transport development program in St. Petersburg. They plan to invest about 88 billion rubles, with 22 billion spent on the passenger terminal areas.

Let’s see which mean of transportation will reach the airport first…

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