The Metro system of Singapore adopts Formula 1 technologies

One of the most successful Asian areas Singapore is well aware of the importance of the public transportation development as a key tool of the urbanization. Therefore – the adaptation of the state-of-art technologies is in practice. This year, the Singapore metro collaborates with the McLaren Applied Technologies, well-known for its Grand Prix Formula 1 success.

McLaren Applied Technologies

McLaren Applied Technologies. Source:

According to metro-report, SMRT, the operator of the Singapore metro, together with the McLaren Applied Technologies explore the opportunities of the implementation of the data collection services used for the world’s most prestigious race in the regular metro activities. A proof-of-concept deployment on a metro trains is expected to be carried out this year.

During the racing season the team collects billions of data points from the sensors on the both racing cars for further analysis leading to the decisions made by the team engineers and authorities. The optimization of the performance bases on the control systems information.

McLaren’s pit wall

McLaren’s pit wall during F1 week-end. Source:

It is great to know Singapore thinks the public transportation deserves the most advanced technologies. SMRT President and Group CEO Desmond Kuek announced agreement with McLaren on March 15, 2018. He reminded that SMRT is a leader in the development of the control systems and continues to do so by welcoming McLaren to the collaboration. It will help to enhance performance and comfort of the public transportation.

The McLaren Applied Technologies was founded in UK in 1991 first as a supportive technology supplier to the Formula 1 racing team. Later, it was enlarged and now only one division is in charge for the racing teams’ electronical equipment, supplying Formula 1 teams as well as Indycar Series and NASCAR class cars. The company is successful in energetic projects and takes part in different projects around the world involving applied technologies. Since 1961, when McLaren team started racing it got the cup of The Formula One World Constructors’ Championship 8 times.

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