First driverless metro line opens in Sydney

On May 26, the first driverless metro line and the first metro line in Australia started operating in Sydney. It has 13 stations. The construction began in 2017, and now there is a 36 km long route with eight new stations and five old railway stations being renovated and adjusted for the new trains.


Author: Dan Freeman/Unspash

The North-West line starts from Chatswood to Eppin, passes through the twin-bore tunnel, and follows to the elevated alignment with the terminal stop at the Tallawomg station.

It takes 37 minutes to travel along the whole route. All the stations have lifts and platform doors.

Alstom produced 22 six-car driverless trains in India. The total cost of the project is A.$8.2 billion, including the cost of the tunneling (1.5 billion) and elevated section construction (340 million).

With the second phase of the construction being completed in five years, the Sydney metro will have 31 stations and 66 km of the route. The plans for the second line do not include the scheduled dates yet.

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