Bangalore was granted $335 mln to develop its metro system

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) granted $335 million of credit for the further development of the metro system of Bangalore.

Metro of Bangalore

Metro of Bangalore

The construction of the line R6 will begin soon. The line will connect the city and the airport. The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation is in charge of the project. The development of the modern transport infrastructure is noted to significantly increase the mobility of the population, facilitating the economy of the region, and the metro system is one of the key parts of it.  It is important, that expanding of the rail transport helps to preserve environment.

Background information: on China initiative AIIB was established in 2015 as an instrument for the facilitation of the investments in transport, energy and communication infrastructures of the Asian countries. The major shareholders of the bank are China (26,06%), India (7,5%) and Russia (6,54%).

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