The second stage of the Bangalore Metro continues

In early January 2021, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation plans to launch a 4th shield on the construction of a new metro line.


Bangalore is one of the largest cities in India. Source:

The mechanized tunneling complex will be used to tunnel the second stage of the 21-kilometer Pink Metro Line in one of the largest cities in southern India.

By that time, the construction contractor of the Indian corporation Larsen and Toubro will deploy all TPMC on a complex in terms of engineering and geological conditions underground between the Vellara area and the Leather Road (Tannery Road).

The first tunneling vehicle on this site since July 2020 and to the present is building a 173-meter tunnel from the Cantonment Bangalore railway station towards Shivaji Nagar station. The second TPMC, which is building the second steam tunnel has passed 87 meters since the construction began in September this year.

A third shield began in the small town of Shivaji Nagar on Aug. However, the pace of work slowed down after the collapse of the ground, which led to the formation of a huge crater. “It was not easy to pass the site, as the team came across a solid granite rock on the first 300-meter segments, which required regular replacement of the cutting tool,” Larsen and Toubro reported.


Robbins on the construction of the metro line. Source:

Experts stressed that engineering and geological conditions and heavy traffic in Bangalore were easier to deal with than the problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The mobilization of the labor force has become a challenge, and the assembly of TPMC has had to be suspended due to the increasing number of morbidity. 

It should be noted that funds for the development of the metro in Bangalore were allocated by the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

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