Antwerp ring-road will run through the subaqueous tunnel

The Belgic company Lantis, which is in charge of the ring-road of the city of Antwerp project implementation, concluded the contract for the construction of the subaqueous tunnel.

Tunnel under the Schelde river

Tunnel under the Schelde river. Source:

Association of Belgic contractors Tijdelijke Handelsvennootschap Combinatie Oosterweeltunnel (THV COTU) started the preparation works and will be ready to start construction in Autumn 2021. The road tunnel will be 1.8 km long and will cross the Schelde river. It will become a part of the 15 km long section of the Oosterweel Link, which will complete the ring-road at the North of the city. The tunnel will have two lanes, and it will also include lanes for bicycles and pedestrians.

The contract value is estimated at $570 million. The sunken tubes tunnel will have 8 sections, each weighting 60 thousand tons. The Antwerp ring-road is the largest infrastructure project of Flanders.

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