Metro construction is our main activity, as it was and as it will be

The general director of Metrostroy company in Saint Petersburg, which has been making almost all the underground metro construction works throughout the history of local metro system, was elected on June 19, 2017. The son of the previous director, who leaded the company for 26 years, got majority of the voices. In the interviews Nikolay Alexandrov tells about the future possible changes for Metrostroy and reveals some plans?

Николай Александров

— You have an extensive experience of directing the large construction projects. What were the most difficult and interesting objects you worked with?

— Each object might be interesting in its own way. When we first visited the Flood Prevention Facility Complex in Saint Petersburgback in 2006, it seemed that the abandoned for more than 20 years structure was a subject for complete demolition; starting anew looked easier, than restoration. However, bit by bit, we organized the working space: recruited staff, started operation of the headquarters. The design institute, contractors and customer had daily meetings to proceed with the current issues and discuss future plans.

For half of the year period the construction site was very busy. We had 500 welding operators working at the site. It took a day to walk around the site while checking everything was right. It differs from the construction of the metro lines: there are vast maritime areas of the Gulf of Finland and the Neva Bay instead of the narrow passages and semidarkness. We practically lived there 24/7. And after 5 years of the construction we felt sadness of leaving the place.


Строительство ЛАЭС-2

NPP -2 construction site, Sosnovy Bor Source: IA Dialog

St Petersburg is a tough city from the point of construction The water-bearing grounds laying shallow, difficult soil and severe Northern climate conditions make construction here quite impressive engineering challenge. It brings out the 75-year old experience of successful metro construction, which we apply to the design and implementation of the underground structure projects.

— What changes do you plan as a new director? What will be different and what will be emphasised?

—  The defining characteristic of the company is the consistency of operations and decisions. The working and efficient system exists.  Our main goal now to preserve it and continue strengthening it at the market. Simultaneously, we plan farther develop all the branches of the company, focusing on the strong staff and respecting the competitive market. We set the course towards the high ranked and hi-tech. The metro construction remains our primary activity. We will not change the priority here. Still our competency allows participating in the construction of a grand infrastructure city objects.


Первый двупутный тоннель


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