Ekaterinburg metro map

Ekaterinburg is ranked by population in Russia after Moscow, St Petersburg, Novosibirsk. It is situated at the river Iset and it has been considered for a long time the gates from Europe to Siberia. It is a large industrial, scientific and cultural center of the Urals Federal Center and also a major transportation center for the region.

Ekaterinburg metro map

Ekaterinburg. Source: Ekaterinburg.tv

The public transportation comprises: tram, trolleybus, bus, light train, shared route taxi-bus and metro.

Ekaterinburg’s metro logo is the green letter M at the white background.

Ekaterinburg metro

Ekaterinburg metro

On April 27 1991, the only metro line was opened, immediately entering world record list as the shorted metro system. It had 3 stations and was only 2.7 km long. Despite still being only 13 km – it is not the longest metro system even in Russia, the metro is a popular mean of the transportation in the city. It is ranked 4th by the number of the passengers.

The line connects the industrial district on the North, the Center and the Southern districts, passing the railway station and two bus terminals on its route. It takes 19 minutes to travel along the whole line.

Ekaterinburg metro map

Ekaterinburg metro map

At the beginning of April 2018, the President of the Russian Federation announced that one more line would be constructed in Ekaterinburg if it hosted Expo-2025. But no official promises were made by the Administration of the city.


All the stations of Ekaterinburg metro are underground. The depth of them varies in accordance with the geological conditions and the local landscape.

The trains have 4 cars each

Botanicheskaya station, Ekaterinburg’s metro system

Botanicheskaya station, Ekaterinburg’s metro system. Author: ET1972 / Shutterstock.com

Operating hours

The operating hours for all the stations are almost the same: 06:00 – 24:00. For more detailed information please visit its official website МУП «Екатеринбургский метрополитен».

Since 2016, the gaps in the schedule were increased and now trains run every 7-10 minutes on working days and 11-15 minutes on weekend.  The fee for one ride is 28 rubles for all destinations and any duration of the ride. It is about 40 euro cents.

Way of payment

There are two ways to pay for a ride: a token or an e-card, the latest is suitable for payments in any public transport of Ekaterinburg. Also it is possible to pay through the Pay Pass system (MasterCard), Pay Wave (VISA) or Russian card MIR.



Since it is impossible to get lost in the metro system with only one line, simply the names of the stations are indicated at the general scheme of the lines located on each platform. Some stations have more than one exit to the surface and one of them – Chkalovskaya station – has 8 exits. Navigation is necessary here and it is provided in two languages: Russian and English.

The citizens name Chkalovskaya station the most stylish and contemporary station of the metro system. It was opened in 2012.

Chkalovskaya station in Ekaterinburg

Chkalovskaya station in Ekaterinburg. Author: Mikhail Markovskiy / Shutterstock.com


The Ekaterinburg metro staff members assist those who require help entering the metro and take a ride. It is advised to call them in 30-40 minutes before the trip and make a request, the number is the following +7 (343) 358-04-77. Two stations have elevators: Chkalovskaya and Botanicheskaya.

The car suitable for the passengers using wheelchair is the first one.


Guidelines for the use of metro of Ekaterinburg basically are the same as for other Russian cities: no alcohol, no smoking, nothing fragile made of glass or sticky, no running in tunnels or escalators, no trading, etc. Animals should be carried in the special boxes. Children are better to be carried.

Mashinostroiteley station in Ekaterinburg

Mashinostroiteley station in Ekaterinburg

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