2018 Soccer World Cup – Novokrestovskaya station

Novokrestovskaya station is an intermediate station on the Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya line of St. Petersburg’s subway between Primorskaya and Begovaya stations. It is one of construction objects in the city to be completed for the 2018 Soccer World Cup.

Строительство метро "Новокрестовская"

Project name: Novokrestovskaya metro station
Customer: Committee for Development of the City Transportation Infrastructure
General contractor: OJSC Metrostroy
General designer: Lenmetrogiprotrans
Location: western shore of the Krestovsky Island in St. Petersburg
Project deadline: 2018 year
Purpose:Transportation infrastructure

Novokrestovskaya station is expected to receive up to 58K of passengers per day on week days. During mass events it should be able to accommodate up to 30K of incoming passengers and up to 25K of outgoing passengers per hour.

What makes Novokrestovskaya metro station stand out

Novokrestovskaya will be St. Petersburg’s first subway station to sit directly on the shores of Neva Bay. It is unique as it is built on artificial ground. A year and a half ago the part of the Bay nearest Krestovsky Island had been all water, but by the end of 2015 an artificial land plot appeared there.

Work progress of Novokrestovskaya metro station

Station building site was raised to project elevation of 3.2 m above ground water, 1.2K of airfield plates were laid over 14.4K sq m. Building envelope over the station perimeter was the next step ‒this expended about 12K sq m of concrete. The ground wall used 32 m deep and 1 m wide panels. The station outline is 174 m long and 37 m broad. The foundation was jet-grouted.

Dismantling ditch 22 m in diameter and 32 m deep for shield extracting and repairing has been prepared by now. Shield inlet and outlet was subjected to jet grouting, the so-called concrete screen for deduction of ground waters where the shield enters the station.

 Станция метро «Новокрестовская» в Петербурге

The tunnel to “Novorostovskaya”

Nadezhda tunneling complex is expected here in November 2016. Tunneling will stop for 1‒2 weeks to repair cutting parts, then the shield will pass under the Gulf of Finland to dismantling chamber near Primorskaya. Construction of the station follows a top-down model. The top plate, the future roof of the station main hall, has been installed.

Фото - щит Надежда дошел до станции

The station will be located at the depth of 21 m, for now the builders are working at elevation ‒ 6.400. The second plate is underway to accommodate the future cashier hall and staff rooms. The deadline for the project is February of 2018, but it is already ahead of schedule by 1.5 months.

As regards tunneling behind schedule between Begovaya and Novokrestovskaya, now the shield advances by 12‒15 rings a day. The Nadezhda goes downward under the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg Park, but the ground composition may change soon and affect the tunneling rate.

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