The metro station Michurinsky prospect in Moscow

For the first time the metro station Michurinsky prospect appeared in the plan of the Moscow metro system development in 1965 with the first project of the Solntsevsky radius. The station initially was planned as an interchange station for the second ring line, which is now the Third Interchange Contour.

Метро Мичуринский проспект

Michurinskiy prospect station underground hall design. Source: design bureau JSK Metrogiprotrans

Michurinsky prospect station special features

The main special characteristic of the station under construction is the wall made of glass granting panoramic view at the park and the Ochakovka river. The station is planned to be three-tiered. The rails and platform will be at the first level, the second level will be a viewing platform. The passengers may enter the second level thought the glass pedestrian bridge, crossing the Michurinsky prospect.

Name of the project: Construction of the metro station Michurinsky Prospect
Moscow City Transport Agency
General designer:
JSK Metrogiprotrans 
 Moscow, the crossing of the Michurinsky prospect and Udaltsova street, 36 residential complex of Ramenka
beginning of the 2017

Проект наземного вестибюля

The design of the Michurinsky prospect station hall and transport interchange hub. Source: design bureau JSK Metrogiprotrans

Another feature is the spacing of the elevators
From the glass bridge the passengers will arrive at the escalators zone in the center of the platform facing different sides. The third tier will have the technical space. The special characteristic of the construction work is requirement for additional support of the structure due to the absence of one wall. In the future, the pedestrian zone will be created on the side of the glass wall.

The new technology will be implemented in the field of passenger traffic regulation, for people with reduced mobility there will be modern lifts, also new fireproofing system will be installed.

Проект станции Мичуринский проспект

Design of the Mitchurinsky prospect station – escalators. Source: design bureau JSK Metrogiprotrans

Construction features

The complexity of the construction work at the panoramic station is in vicinity of the Michurinsky prospect. The descending gradient does not allow the construction machinery moving freely, so the pillar cranes were installed, which is rare for the underground construction. Besides, the part of the tunnel was constructed with cut-and-cover method because of the filled soil. It requires a lot of supporting structures and a lot of concrete.

Construction work

At present the construction work continues at the walls of the station and the platform. The specialists construct the mantling pit, where the tunneling of two metro tunnels will start towards the station Ramenka. The right tunnel between Ochakovo and Michurinsky prospect stations has already been completed. The TBM named Tatiana completed 2,804 m tunnel. This is the longest section at the “yellow” line.


Завершение проходки тоннеля

TBM Tatiana by Herrenknecht. Source:

How will it look like?

The interior design represents the work achievements of famous Russian biologist and breeder Ivan Michurin. The walls and columns will be decorated with red panels depicting blossoming trees. The theme of the garden in blossom will be also repeated in the halls.

The station will serve as a main transport connection for the part of Ramenka district with the population of about 62 thousand people. At present it takes about half an hour by public transport to get to the nearest metro stations: Prospect Vernadskogo and Universitet. The large transport interchange hub will be constructed near the station as well as the interchange parking. The passengers will be able to change the line for the Third Interchange Ring.

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