Tashkent Metro renews rolling stock

JSC "Transmashholding" will put 10 modern trains for the subway system in the capital of Uzbekistan.

Tashkent metro

The Tashkent Metro’s land line. Source: metrotashkent.narod.ru

Unitary company “Toshkent Metro” and the state investment bank VEB.RF Corporation signed a loan agreement worth 30.4 million for a period of 12 years. The modern rolling stock will be manufactured at the Moscow-based company Metrovagonmash, owned by Transmashholding, whose share capital is distributed among a group of Russian businessmen and the French company Alstom, which owns 20% of the capital. Iskander Mahmudov, Andrei Bokarev, Dmitry Komissarov and Kirill Lipa own 79.4%. The estimated lifespan of 10 four-car trains is 30 years.

Inter-car crossings of modular design with pass through provide unhindered movement of passengers, two-fold sliding doors 1.4 meters wide with an external light alarm open and closed condition allow the passenger to comfortably land and disembark. There are wheelchair seats in the main carriages. The passenger cabin is equipped with sensory information monitors with interactive means of finding a destination station, laying a route, calculating the time of travel. The driver’s cabins are equipped with CCTV, air conditioning and air decontamination systems.

The windshield of the driver’s cabin will be equipped with an adjustable hand-held sun screen for safe and comfortable driving, because the Tashkent metro system has ground sections, and the bright sun shines 248 days a year.

Tashkent metro

The new composition of the Tashkent Metro. Source: metrowagonmash.ru

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