St Petersburg will get the ring metro line

The Governor of St Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko announced the plans of the ring metro line construction when he was being interviewed by the radio station Radio Rossii. He noted that the geological survey was performed at the first section of the future line from the station Bolshoi Prospect, which is currently under construction, and the station Lesnaya.

ring metro line in St Petersburg

The possible scheme of the ring metro line in St Petersburg

Bolshoi Prospect is the new station at the orange line, the next after Teatralnaya near the famous Mariinsky theatre. It is located at the East of the city, while the Lesnaya station is at the North. This spring, the front-end engineering design will be developed for the second section, from Lesnaya to Ladozhskaya. The last is the station on the West of the city near one of the major railway stations. The planned length of the ring line will be about 40 km. It will have 20 stations, with 14 of them being the interchange stations.

The exact route has not been determined yet. Also the questions about construction sites, ventilation shafts and other objects locations are awaiting the decisions. It is necessary to be decided first and foremost so to avoid issues with land owners and receive the approval of the State Construction Supervision and Expertise Department.

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