Omsk only metro station to be abandoned

In Omsk, the second-largest city in Siberia, the work for the preservation of the metro station Zarechnaya started.

entrance hall to the metro of Omsk

The construction of the one and only entrance hall to the metro of Omsk

It was the only metro station with a completed entrance hall in the city with the population million people. АО Chelyabmetrostroy got the contract worth 100 million rubles for the preservation of the unfinished metro objects. The construction lasted for decades, but due to nonsufficient funding, at first, it went at the low pace, and recently it was abandoned. The citizens hoped for better, but the decision was made to suspend the station and several tunnels.

The construction pit contains many rusty structures and half-filled with water now. The conditions at the station have been declining since 2015 when the construction work was active still. The metro construction company АО Chelyabmetrostroy is registered in the city of Chelyabinsk where metro has not been completed as well. There are reports on the plans to renew the construction, though many doubt the contract will be awarded soon.

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