Omsk metro had one station and now it is to be closed

Russian regions have some serious records in regard of the long-term metro construction and the city of Omsk occupies the special position in this index with its metro system. After 26 years since the beginning of its planning it has only one completed station and now the metro project is set to be closed.

Тоннель омского метро

Omsk metro tunnel

Omsk is ranked the 2nd by the population in Siberia and the 8th in the Russian Federation. In 1984, the first secretary of the regional party committee addressed the general secretary of the party regarding the construction of the metro in the city.

The argumentation was based on the climate conditions and the large population. The permission to start construction was granted and two years later the project was included in the state plans. In 1992 the construction work began.

Наземный вестибюль метро Омска

The construction of the entrance hall of the first and the last metro station in Omsk

The first and, as it appears now, the last station was completed on September 2, 2011. In May, 2018, the decision was made by authorities to freeze the construction process due to the lack of funding. Whether the already constructed tunnels will be filled remains unknown for now.

Recently, the private investor from St Petersburg expressed his intention to construct the light-rail system in Omsk. But it is always hard decision for authorities to make. The proposition was declined.

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