New segment of the Large Circle metro Line is ready in Moscow

One more tunnel of the eastern segment of The Bolshaya Koltsevaya line (large circle line) has been completed in Moscow. It connected the stations Tekstilschiki and Nizhegorodskaya.

Pechatniki station’s design project Source:

The right tunnel is 2.5 km long, and it was constructed with the TBM named Marina. The geological conditions are difficult as there are water-bearing soils. The left tunnel is to be completed in a month.

After the tunneling, the construction of the track superstructure begins, and the mantling of the pumping and ventilation systems. The eastern segment of the line will start operating by 2022.

The total length of the segment is 11.4 km. There will be 4 new stations: Tekstilschiki, Pechatniki, Nagatinskiy Zaton, and Klenovyy Bulvar.

The large circle ring scheme. Source:

The Chinese company CRCC will implement the construction of a double-track tunnel from Nagatinskiy Zaton to Klenovyy Bulvar. The CRCC’s specialists previously successfully constructed the segment between the stations Prospect Vernadskogo and Michurinskiy prospect. The Chinese engineers developed a customized TBM for the tunneling in the water-bearing soil. The TBM will arrive in Moscow this autumn.

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