Moscow will get 35 more metro stations by 2023

Recently the Moscow Metro system develops at an impressive pace. It plans to have 35 stations in the next three years.

metro station Slavyansky Bulvar in Moscow

Moscow metro station Slavyansky Bulvar

Sergei Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow, wrote in his Twitter account: “By 2023, the Moscow metro will evolve significantly. We plan to construct 35 stations, to complete all the sections of the Big Circle Line, to extend Kalininsko-Solntzevskaya line to the Airpot Vnukovo and Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya to the settlement Severny. The new Kommunarskaya line will appear”.

Although the pace of metro construction in Moscow is close to being fantastic, the City Administration does not want to slow down. Other Russian cities with the population more than million people including St Petersburg may only envy Moscow. The opposite record of the construction of 3 stations in the period of 35 years may be relevant for some of them.

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