Moscow metro will reach Vnukovo (VKO) airport

The metro system of Moscow rapidly develops and expands, it goes beyond the Moscow Ring Road now.  And the new stations are under construction at the territory of the New Moscow. It will take a couple of years for the underground rail road to reach the oldest international airport of the capital of Russia, Vnukovo.

Vnukovo Airport

Vnukovo Airport

The new station Vnukovo will be located at the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya Line, indicated yellow at the map. In 2018, the station Rasskazovka will be opened here, which will be the terminal station for a time, later two more stations will be constructed: Pykhtino and Vnukovo. The feasibility study and design documentation are expected to be developed by 2020.

If this project is implemented, the Aero express, which runs between the airport and the Kievsky Railway Station in the center of the city, will meet the high rival, especially, taking into the consideration the price and the schedule.

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