Abandoned metro will become an exhibition area in Omsk

In 2019, Omsk, one of the largest cities in Russia with a population of more than 1.5 million people, lost its last hope to get a metro system. The construction of the underground metro slowly carried out for many years. This year, the principal decision has been made to stop it. The abandoned space will be used as an art hall.

город Омск

Omsk. Author: Fedor Samsonov/pixabay.com

The authors of the project noted that the underground passage had good lighting, and could be used as an art gallery. They will hold exhibitions there for two months. There are eight exhibitions planned in total, telling about the people who helped Omsk to develop. The first exhibition starts in December next year.

The construction of the Omsk metro system started in 1992. Due to the lack of funding, it was never completed. Now, it has only one station and a 7.5 km long railway.

Of course, many museum complexes across the world have underground parts. However, the cities where these complexes are located tend to have quite extensive public transport systems. Unfortunately, Omsk is not among them.

Omsk city

Omsk metro abandoned tunnel. Source: omskzdes.ru

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