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Театр стива Джобса

The Steve Jobs Underground theatre in Apple Park

The structure received the name of the Apple creator and ideologist. It is an outstanding object, interesting from the point of its underground part, which reflects global construction tendencies…

Дата-центр и офис шведского провайдера Bahnhof AB,

Underground plants – world practices

The development of the underground space is often underrated. It is usually assumed that the only construction under the surface is for the metro. In reality, many countries explore underground space for multi practical use…

Большой Театр

Underground Moscow – reconstruction of The Bolshoi Theatre

The historic centres of the large modern cities have not enough space for the modern city life. This fact can be improved with the help of the underground construction. The cultural objects follow the pattern and expand into the soil…

Саяно-Шушенская ГЭС

Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP shore spillway

The safety of hydropower facilities is always a relevant question, especially when it is about such a large object as the Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydro-Electric Power Station…

БДТ им. Товстоногова Каменностровский театр

The Kamenny Island Theatre renovation in St Petersburg

The project of the The Kamenny Island Theatre adjustment for the modern uses won the gold medal of the Europe’s leading trade fair for conservation, restoration and old building renovation DENKMAL under UNESCO auspices in 2010…

Главный штаб в санкт-Петербурге

Reconstruction and restoration of the General Staff Building

The building of the General Staff is a part of the architectural ensemble of the Palace Square in Saint Petersburg. It was constructed by the famous architect of Italian origin Carlo Rossi in 1819-1829…

Экологический тоннель для леопардов

The Narvinsky tunnel for Amur leopards protection

The construction of the tunnel under the Narvinsky mountain pass started in February, 2012, Primorsky Province, Far East. Four years later it was opened and the area became safe for the rare Amur leopards. The population of their species recently was estimated as 30-45 animals…